The Making of #14 Part 1

The Blackmailed Nun: Forced Into Submission

The Making of #14 Part 1

What should have been a business trip to an exotic location quickly turns into something quite different for Mary, a beautiful woman forced into sexual slavery in the most unexpected and brutal way by the prince of an oil nation in the Middle East.

Sold out by a colleague in order to save his own career, Mary finds herself in the hands of the handler who trains the women the prince collects into ‘good whores’. A handler who strips them off their personality and freedom, even their own name, in order to become living sex-dolls for the prince and his entourage.

Warning: adult content! 18+ only!

What readers thought:

“Erotic and interesting. It made me aroused, onerous, and sick at different points. However, I am looking forward to the next installment.”

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