Lady C. – Part 2: The Wager

The Blackmailed Nun: Forced Into Submission

Lady C. – Part 2: The Wager

In order to save her unlikely knight in shining armor, now a prisoner of Mr. Y., Lady C. finds herself having to pay the bill once again with her body. And once again, she she learns how much she actually enjoys doing so!

Just as she is settling the bill with the two thugs who promised to help escape Andrew in return, Andrew himself is tempted with the promise of money to sell her out. Rejecting the offensive offer, Mr. Y. decides to resort to more desperate efforts and calls in the help of his best working girl to get on Andrew’s good side.

In the end, Lady C. makes Mr. Y. an offer that is too good to reject. An offer that presents a worthy challenge for the gangster while providing Lady C. and Andrew a chance to escape. An escape that gets them to mainland Europe with the promise that Mr. Y. will be hot on their trail.

Warning: adult content! 18+ only!

Part 1 is available for free..

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