Lady C. – Part 1: The Encounter

The Blackmailed Nun: Forced Into Submission

Lady C. – Part 1: The Encounter

Great Britain.

A seaside resort in the early 20th century where the rich and mighty spend the summer to relax.

Lady C., a gorgeous forty-seven year old Lady of social standing, but financially destitute, finds herself in a very tight spot that could be very embarrassing for her family. That or sell herself out to a corrupt hotel manager who preys on the women who frequent his hotel and forces them into prostitution. The later he keeps a secret until they are in too deep.

Fortunately, there is a young man with a crush on her, who is willing to stick his neck out in an attempt to get her out of trouble.

Lots of steamy sex and the start of an unlikely romance between a lady of standing and a commoner.

Warning: adult content! 18+ only!

Available forĀ free!

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