Monthly Archives: May 2013

The challenge I’ve set myself


The challenge that I’ve set myself as an author is to explore various niches of the erotica genre. It is only too easy to stick to a single niche and be comfortable with that. Far more challenging, both as an author as well as a person, is to move outside the comfort zone.

You’ll see this strongly reflected in the variety of stories that I write. I want to surprise the reader as much as entertain them.

The Making of #14 is an expression of the intent to move out of my comfort zone and try a niche that I find very challenging as an author and person to write about, but I pulled it off.  When I released it, I already knew it would evoke strong responses from readers and it did; reflected in the ratings it got at Barnes&Noble. Either the rating have been 4 or 5 stars, or it was a 1 star.

The same happened with The Blackmailed Nun: Forced Into Submission, I knew it had the potential to upset and insult, as well as entertain. This too was quickly reflected in the ratings and reviews it received.

So, that is what I’m after at times, not all the time though. I love writing the romantic little love stories the most, in fact. But when I’m working on a tale whose subject matter lies way out of my comfort zone, I’m always happy with myself for the challenge that I’ve set myself.

I do the same when I’m reading, it is only too easy to stick with the known. Where is the challenge in that?